MST Technology is technologically superior to other pasteurization methods.

Current milk processing methods have their limitations. HTST retains fresh milk’s flavor and nutrients, but has a short shelf life. UHT offers a longer shelf life, but its high temperature affects milk’s flavor and nutrition.

MST’s proprietary technology uses a unique combination of low heat and low pressure to maintain fresh milk’s flavor and nutritional value, while also achieving a highly efficient 8-log bacteria reduction to significantly extend product shelf life.

Product Temperature161° – 175° F
72° – 80° C
281° F
138° C
< 158° F / 70° C
lower than HTST
Process Time15 seconds2-5 seconds< 1 second
Shelf Life (Days)14-1845-60+45-60+
Bacterial Kill5 –Log≥ 8 -Log≥ 8 -Log
Remaining BacteriaVaries, usually < 1-LogNot significantNot significant