MST Chamber can be easily integrated into existing equipment.

The MST processing chamber can easily be integrated into existing UHT or HTST equipment. Mini and small scale units can process from 500 – 9,000 liters per hour. Larger scale units can process 100 gallons per minute.

Smaller MST units are ideal for the farm/source level, to improve the quality of raw milk, coconut water and other liquids.

The larger scale MST units can be used for all liquid milk products at the processor level.   MST will give you an extended shelf life product, but unlike UHT, MST maintains all the nutritional and taste qualities of fresh milk.

MST complies with all U.S. regulations and can be applied as an add-on to HTST pasteurization. MST is currently available as a stand-alone pasteurization method where it is approved under specific country regulations.