About the Company


MST’s management is highly experienced across all aspects of the dairy industry including technical know-how, marketing and financial expertise, strategic and business planning, and strong industry contacts.

  • Phil Frechette, Chief Technology Officer

    Phil has been involved in advanced processing systems and control design for the food and dairy Industry since 1973. He is the founder and CEO of JCS Process and Control Systems Engineering and has developed and implemented many custom-designed aseptic processing technologies as well as complete dairy, juice and beverage batching systems and designs.

    Previous positions include Director of Food and Dairy Engineering at Alfa-Laval, where he was responsible for the development, design, installation and support of their systems in the U.S., and President of Satt Control, which handled the control system sales for Alfa-Laval in the U.S. and Canada. Phil’s close university affiliations and extensive collaboration with the FDA and other regulatory agencies and food laboratories are a valuable asset to MST.

  • Phil


Millisecond Technologies works in close collaboration with JCS Process and Control Systems Engineering, who operates as our technical and engineering team. Founded in 1988 and based in Rochester, NY, they are a food and dairy industrial engineering company with complete capabilities to do the process, design/build and commissioning of advanced systems, with a special expertise in batching, blending and low/high acid aseptic processing systems. Clients include Birds-Eye, Byrne Dairy, Coca-Cola, Cumberland Dairy, Dean Foods, Dr. Pepper/Snapple, Nestle, Pepsi-Cola, Steuben Foods, Suiza, Ya Ya Foods and many more.

JCS was instrumental in developing the groundbreaking MST technology, which is protected by more than 50 U.S. and international patents.